AQA GCSE “Assess the significance of both Adam and Ibrahim as prophets”. (12 marks)

Colour Code:

  • Blue – Your argument 
  • Red – Argument against 
  • Purple – Response

A key belief within Islam is Rishalah (Prophethood). Muhammed (PBUH), the Seal of the Prophets, is regarded as the most important messenger of God, yet this does not diminish the role of other Prophets. Adam and Ibrahim have great significance which I will be exploring in this question.

Ibrahim, said to be the friend of God (Qur’an 4:125), could be considered to be the more significant of the two prophets in this discussion because of the foundations he laid for the rest of the religion. Key practices such as the Hajj pilgrimage and, as an extension, Id-ul-Adha, derive from the stories about Ibrahim and his son Ishmael. Ibrahim embodies the type of submission under Allah which Muslims aspire to do. This is demonstrated in his rejection of polytheism and the rebuilding of the Kaaba. For these reasons, it is fair to claim Ibrahim to be one of the most important prophets.

Alternatively, Adam could be seen as more important. In the Qur’an (30:20), it teaches Adam was created from clay and given the names of all things (2:31). As the first person created, he is also the first prophet. His actions have great significance for the rest of Islamic theology because of what it reveals about God’s nature and what guidance it offers for Muslims today. For instance, the actions of Adam and Eve teach Muslims about Allah’s role as Judge. This can be seen in the removal from the garden following their transgressions. Similarly, Adam is said to have passed down knowledge such as which foods are Halal. This has informed the moral lives of Muslims since the birth of the religion.

However, Adam’s significance as a prophet does not seem to reach that of Ibrahim. Arguably, Ibrahim began the process of addressing the separation of Allah and His creation. The destroying of idols and reverence of the Kaaba is echoed with the prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and teaches Muslims how to conduct their worship.

To conclude, while all prophets were chosen by Allah to be His messengers, Ibrahim’s role seems to be too central to the faith to argue that Adam is more important or significant.

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