AQA GCSE “The resurrection in the most important event in the life of Jesus.” Discuss. (12 marks)

Colour Code:

  • Blue – Your argument 
  • Red – Argument against 
  • Purple – Response

Many Christians believe the resurrection is the event when Jesus rose from the dead on following his crucifixion on what is now celebrated as Easter Sunday.

In support of the statement, it can be argued that, without the resurrection, the disciples and therefore the rest of the world, would not have come to a full understanding about his nature as the Son of God. Through his resurrection he defeats death and promises the Kingdom of God will be brought to those who follow his word. In the moment of the resurrection, he fulfils the prophecy of the Old Testament and establishes himself as the saviour of the world. This gives a strong argument to notion that the resurrection is in fact the most important event in the life of Jesus.

On the contrary, some might argue that events which present Jesus as an ethical teacher are more important for they guide people towards a better life. An example of one such event is the Sermon on the Mount found in the Gospel of Matthew. This long passage has Jesus give teachings on adultery, loving your enemies, giving to the needy and how to pray (The Lord’s Prayer). These are arguably the most important elements to the day-to-day living of most Christians and therefore the Sermon on the Mount could be deemed more significant than the resurrection.

Yet, for most Christians, the moral teachings of Jesus have deeper importance when seen of the context of the resurrection. To be a good person is not just a nice thing one can do for another; it could be seen to be a requirement to reach the afterlife with God.

In conclusion, there are many important events in the gospels which Christians draw inspiration and guidance from but the resurrection must be consider to be one of the most important because it arguably gives a completeness and meaning to the rest of the life of Jesus.

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