AQA GCSE “If the quality of life is not going to be good, abortion is the best option.” Evaluate this statement. (12 marks).

Colour Code:

  • Blue – Your argument 
  • Red – Argument against 
  • Purple – Response

Quality of life is the measure of a person’s happiness within their lives, both physically and mentally. Many believe that it is important to have a good quality of life as otherwise the person may suffer which is why some may decide that abortion is the best option; to stop someone having a poor quality of life.

Catholics would disagree with this as they typically value the sanctity of life more so than the quality. They are taught to believe that “God chose me before I was born” which means that God has already planned what will happen in everyone’s life and it is sacred because He gave it to us specifically. Consequently, many may interpret this to mean that God has planned for that person to have what we would call a poor quality of life, whether that means that they are born handicapped or with other difficulties. Because of this, some Catholics would say that abortion should never be an option, let alone the best.

This stance is very controversial at this moment in time when more people are beginning to lose faith in God, sometimes for this reason. Philosopher Peter Singer may argue from a utilitarian point of view by saying that in some cases, it would be cruel to allow a child to grow up with certain disabilities as it may does not always result in the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest amount of people, as it could also result in family members struggling as carers. Therefore abortion could be the best option as it could prevent future struggles and pain.

On the other hand, we could argue that quality of life does not always refer to disabilities as such, it could as be referring to whether the child will be brought in a stable and supported environment. Joseph Fletcher would argue that we have to approach abortion on a “case by case basis” meaning that while there are circumstances in which abortion could be necessary, such as discovering that the child will have a life debilitating conditions; there are other circumstances in which it may not be the best option. For example in the case of a teenage pregnancy, adoption or foster care may be the best option.

To conclude, while abortion could be the best option for some in the case of the foetus’ quality of life, it is not the only option and some may believe that it is in fact an act against God to do so.

Author – Year 11 Student – NB

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