‘Either/Or essays’ is a blog for students taking A Level or GCSE Religious Studies. The aim is to provide top quality model answers to help develop structure and writing style, while also giving examples of scholars and quotes that could be used for a variety of different exam questions.

The focus, at first, will be on two specs:

A Level – OCR Religious Studies (Philosophy, Ethics and Christian thought)

GCSE – AQA Religious Studies (Christianity and Islam)

Because of the nature of the A Level, the examples used should not be considered as the definitive way to write the specific questions. Students are encouraged to use the examples given by their classroom teachers as well as the scholars they read in their own studies.

The name ‘Either/Or’ is inspired by the Christian philosopher Soren Kierkegaard who wrote under many different pseudonyms, presenting differing views, with the intention of getting the readers to reflect on their own perspectives. Religious Studies essays are evaluative in nature. Students are expected to show the different sides of the argument before settling on their own conclusion.

Thanks for visiting the site. If there is any feedback you might have, don’t hesitate to comment on the blog.

Andrew Horton